• Image of Animal Essences

Animal Essences can be used to call in the magic and medicine of Bunny, Fox, Bear, and Crow. These animals have many lessons to offer, and their energy is held within the essence of various flowers.

I make these essences by letting the animals that I have a deep connection to tell me which flowers and/or stones to use and then I ritually call the energy of the animal into the essence. The flowers, leaves, roots, and stones help to hold that energy.

Each animal has unique gifts to offer; you can read those descriptions below. We all have unique relationships to these creatures--I encourage you to find how these essences work for you! Essences are in brandy and water and taken internally in small drop dosages.


The magic and medicine of the wild bunny rabbit is courage in small packages. The bunny teaches us to never give up, to keep going. The bunny also teaches us to be soft, to be courageous by being vulnerable. The bunny reminds us that it is okay to be small and taken care of by others and by the Goddess. The bunny offers a lesson of sweetness. Just imagine the way you feel when you see a cute bunny; that is the magic of this sweet creature. The bunny rabbit is also an edge walker, hopping easily between realms, invisibly working to help. Let the bunny help you, and know that your work is important even if you are not always seen for it.


The magic and medicine of the fox is golden playfulness. The fox carries the energy of the sun and helps us to bring that light through, brightening us up and reminding us to play! The fox knows when it is time to let go and have fun. She is a master of silliness and can help us to laugh and not take life too seriously. The fox also helps teach us about true friendship and loyalty. The fox is sweet, loving, and also fiercely protective of those she loves. The fox connects dawn to dusk, and whether dreaming or running through the day she helps the sun to move across the sky. The fox teaches us to respect our unique selves. We each have a unique gift we bring to the world, and fox can help us to honor it. The fox also helps connect us to the golden realms.


The magic and medicine of the bear is fierce protection and compassion. The bear teaches us how to protect what we love no matter what. The bear teaches us about strength and groundedness. The bear's compassion holds no limit; let your heart grow with the help of this loving creature. The bear also teaches us about patience and slowing down. The bear knows when to act and when to be still. There is a big lesson in the bear hibernating through winter. The bear teaches us to gather what we need before taking action, to move slowly, and to know when to be still and rest. The bear also teaches us about boundaries; she only lets in that which she loves or that which is her responsibility. Let her teach you about better boundaries.


The magic and medicine of the crow is clarity of vision and sharp focus. The crow teaches us about seeing clearly, receiving messages, and taking the right action at the right time. The crow is a brilliant creature who always knows exactly where she's going. Let the crow help you find your path. The crow connects us to the overworld and the underworld, carrying messages easily back and forth. The crow also brings messages through time, connecting us to our ancestors, and between the wild and the city. What can the crow teach you about being wild in the city? What message does the crow have for you? The crow can also help clear your mind to let messages through and to listen more deeply.