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But I am an Ally!: How Healing and Herbalism can be Oppressive and How to Not be That "Ally"
Pre-conference intensive with La Loba Loca
online registration closes Thursday, November 8th.

November 9th, 12:30-5pm
NUNM, 049 SW Porter st.
Portland, Oregon

How does healing/herbalism equate with liberation for all peoples? In what ways does white supremacy and colonialism impact how we "perform" healing? How do we move away from liberal "cultural sensitivity" towards dismantling white supremacy? How does academia/capitalism/white supremacy impact non western knowledge systems? How are we implicit in oppressive herbalism/healing? These are many of the questions that we will talk about in our session. We will analyze our relations to power structures, power dynamics and our privilege. Through mindfulness, personal narrative, group exercises, presentations and herbal medicine we will address these issues from a decolonial, queer feminist and political perspective.
Since the political is never separate from healing, we will be working with Flower Essences (F.E.). They are medicines that work in many levels, we will focus on calling in courage and addressing fear. Healing and restructuring oppressive behavior is not a "feel good" place. This is not a "feel good" intentisive, the goal is not for you to feel like you "did something". Our goal is for you to have tools to go out there and do something about it. Be about it and honestly not be that "ally" that forgot allyship is constant work and not an identity.
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