Green Witch Apothecary is a small operation run by Nicole Pepper in Portland, Oregon since 2006.  Nicole is a neighborhood jew-witch, queer feminist, animal lover, community organizer, priestess, and medicine maker. 

I use careful intention, love, and magic in all the products I make.  I work closely with the wild, and work as a bridge between the wild and the city. My animal allies play a huge part in my work and I have a close relationship with all the plants that I make medicine with. 

I offer tarot readings in person, on the phone, or through email.  All tarot readings come with a complimentary tincture or essence. 

I can do specific spell workings particular to your needs; email me with questions, 

I have been studying and making plant medicine for about twelve years, focusing on where plants and magic meet.  I am a graduate of the Blue Iris Mystery School, a four year program in Portland, Oregon.  I have been reading cards for about six years.  

If you would like a full list of products you can email me, they will all be on this website eventually! 

I am honored to do this work in the world and hope you enjoy your products!